I am very proud to finally publicly release the new updated RankBOSS service. I know a lot of you guys have grown tired of waiting, but as promised this update is 100% worth the wait. At a time when most SEO companies are running around in a sheer panic, I can honestly say with relief that our service has never been stronger. These are exact same strategies that I developed with my team to rank my own portfolio of websites and businesses; and frankly I’m crushing it.

This isn’t going to be anything like the typical BS sales page that you’re used to. The demand for our services is large enough that I don’t have to be too sales-ey. Instead I’m simply going to educate you on what’s up, and what we’re offering (in limited supply). Even if you have no plans of using our services, I still recommend you read this if you care anything about ranking. We are obviously not going to give all of our methods away here, but I’m certain you will still leave more knowledgeable than when you entered. Beware though, it’s going to take you about 10 minutes to read through, and it’s not as action packed with memes and gifs as usual. It’s straight up information.


(ok maybe just a couple of memes)

There has been an astronomical amount of changes to the Google algorithm over the last several months, and only a few have been openly discussed within the SEO blogosphere. Google has a cool $40+ Billion with a B in cash to play with every year. So it’s understandable that their algorithm is getting smarter. It’s no longer simply about traditional “on page SEO” and “backlinks”. This is still the main core of it for sure, but there is just much more involved. On the link building side of it, building up and gaining trust is a big part of this. In other words, “earning the right to have backlinks”. The pieces of the ranking puzzle are no longer separated, they now work as one unified system. If you have been noticing that you just can’t seem to improve your rankings lately, this page might hold some answers.

Let’s cover just a few of the not so public algorithm changes, and what is actually working now:


Big G without a doubt has some backend API access to all the social networks to see what’s going on (and they hide this fact I might add). It’s been assumed for a while by many SEO’s, but it is even more important as of the last few months. Without getting too geeky here, we have observed that social signals themselves do NOT rank sites, but that they almost certainly correlate with high rankings. AKA… they give permission for links depending on the niche. But, out of everything we discuss on this page, this is probably the least significant of them all.

Brand mentions:

This is where we start getting into some tricky stuff. Google is actively tracking the amount of brand & URL mentions your site receives (these are not necessarily even links!). There is then some sort of given acceptable ratio between Brand/URL/Social mentions and backlinks. This is most likely niche dependent as not all niches go social. But you can think of it as you should only have X amount of links per Y amount of mentions. If you’ve been doing SEO yourself for other sites and not seeing results lately, this might have something do to with that. We’ve developed the single best way to solve this problem.

Brand Reputation:

Google has this crafty “Bad Merchant” algorithm. This actually tracks negative brand mentions, poor reviews, etc. It then penalizes or devalues based upon the results. We believe that they also at the same time have the opposite. A “Good merchant” algo that rewards those with good reviews and positive mentions. We now know how to give you a good rep in record time.


This is kind of common sense when you stop and think about it, but branding & social most certainly come before a bunch of new PR backlinks. Not the other way around.


How does a site naturally get 1000 brand new contextual PR backlinks while they’ve only had 15 visitors? Exactly, they don’t, and Google knows this. Remember that Chrome (which is basically just a visual Google-bot) tracks everything from everyone using it. They know more or less the traffic you get and your user engagement regardless of if you use G-Analytics or not. (Note* certain types of large link blasts can short-circuit this problem sometimes by mimicing virality, but that’s another story). Our tests have shown the ideal ratio of links for current low traffic sites just starting out, and the best velocity for more established websites.


AI is basically here whether we like it or not folks. Google knows what you are trying to do on your website. They know the intent, theme and meaning of your content and design. If you don’t fit into what they are looking for they simply will not rank you. They won’t penalize you, but they won’t reward you either. We will show you what the algorithm wants.


Unless they are going legitimately viral, new sites should not be getting the same amount of links as a nice aged authoritative domain. Why would you do the same thing for two completely different websites? (we’ve been guilty of this too before, don’t feel bad). This is not necessarily in relation to the technical age of the actual domain, but to the age and authority the domain has built up in Google’s eyes (an important distinction). We have created guidelines for optimum link volume and velocity of links depending on certain factors for each site.

Reasons For Links:

Why would an old static unchanged website suddenly get a boatload of PR links out of the blue? It can happen, but it’s rare. We figured out some hacks to give Google validation for those links.

SEO Landmines™

I don’t have a better term for it so I just made that up. The Google spam team is not a bunch of dummies. They know what the mainstream public SEO community is preaching, and they know the tactics they recommend. We believe they have put into place a sort of automatic checklist of things that aggressive SEO’s do. If enough things on your site get checked off, then they know you are trying to break the rules and will keep you from ranking. We’ve learned how to counter this.

Private Blog Networks

Ahhh, what SEO discussion wouldn’t be complete without this? There has been an abundance of “the sky is falling” mentality over these as of late. Networks getting deindexed left and right. Thankfully the vast majority of our many networks came out safe and sound after lasts months very public bombardment. But, I believe it would irresponsible to ignore what happened. Things have changed here whether we like it or not. Before a blog network could just be sloppily thrown up and it could do well. Now it can’t if longevity is the goal. If you can look at a site and tell it’s a network, so can Google. If you leave a footprint or a pattern, it will get busted. And very possibly if you let Google track the domains in any way shape or form (including your usage and login), the party will end. You can learn more about our many robust upgrades below to combat all of this.

Private Blog NetworkLESS?

I’m a very vocal believer in networks. Done right, they are incredibly powerful, and difficult to spot. I still use them with great success on a ton of my properties. But at the same time, I also wanted to decrease reliance solely on networks for ranking. I wanted to give those who don’t want to use PBN’s an option to still have awesome rankings, and to give those who still go the PBN route the ability to have some more diversity in their link portfolio for added protection. We all know that traditional Web 2.0’s and social bookmarks are a thing of the past. So what to use? We figured it out.


So as you can see, the SEO world is more complex than it once was. I don’t want to confuse you too much, many of the basics of SEO are still the same (structure and backlinks). But these little add-ons and distinctions have shown to be the difference between massive success and the dreaded 2nd page. Google is trying their damndest to stop you from being able to rank without legitmately earning it. If you have the ability to legitimately earn your rankings by making great sharable content, and producing something amazing that everyone will talk about, then I urge you to do it. If you can afford the long wait, heavy time commitment, and expensive outreach then I’m certain you can get great results in the longterm. But for most of us, that just doesn’t work. This is why I created RankBOSS.

RankBOSS is designed to short-circuit this process. We are showing Google that your site is the awesomely popular well loved resource you need, without actually having to do the hard work of becoming that first. RankBOSS is not really designed for everyone. It’s a specific product, for a specific need. If a revolutionary new age tech gadget comes out, then they don’t need this service. People will talk about them (and link to them) without our help. But if you’re John Doe the roofer, a local web design agency, or some finance attorney then the chances of you being able to create enough content that people really care about and will link to is slim to none. Few people want to share the lastest technology in roofing nails.

RankBOSS is designed for my own needs. I own hundreds of sites, and I need something scalable that works time and time again. Through time we have continued to tweak RankBOSS for maximum effectiveness. It is now more effective than ever, while also being the safest SEO service that I’ve ever had the privilage of using. It’s NOT an instant smack of links, instead it’s a strategic and timed out step by step process. A very steady increase in rankings for consistent improvements that have been shown to last the test of time.

OK Stop Teasing! What the hell is this?


I Give You The Next Level SEO Link Building Service:

Rank Me

Part 1: Your Brand:

Our team starts by creating a buzz for your site during the first month of the service. A good way to think about it is that we want Google to think that you “deserve” these sexy powerful backlinks that we are going to throw your way on month two. We are prepping them to work their magic.

  • Real social signals (NOT bots) being dripped over time throughout your website.
  • Creating large amounts of unlinked brand and URL mentions around the web. This is crucial for turning your site into a big brand.
  • Making sure you have active social profiles for all of the important social sites, and creating them if necessary.
  • Showing you how to make your site actually deserve new backlinks.
  • Building up your online reputation. We exploit the “good merchant” algorithm by leaving positive brand mentions around the web where Google can see. (note* we don’t use fake reviews as those cause trouble, we instead talk positively about your brand without claiming to be customers)
  • Our Upgraded Foundation Package: Protecting your site with non-money keyword links from high authority domains, and associating your domain in the same co-citational neighborhood as the big players in your niche.

Click to read more about the foundation package:

The Foundation Package:

This is the package that is used to gain trust and become an authority according to the algorithm. These are the links that you didn’t even know were possible to get. The foundation touches on as many trust signals as possible in addition to everything else.
These are time intensive, strategically placed, incredibly high quality links created in just such a way to ensure maximum power and longevity. They are individually planned, placed and tested to deliver the highest impact on your rankings. The foundation package has literally taken years to put together this list of sites, finding loopholes and making backdoor relationships in order get the backlinks that no one else knows about.

SEO Link Building Foundation

  • Backlinks from the top domains on the web
  • Social signals from real social sites
  • Penguin-proof keywords to protect your site.
    Some Example Keywords Used:
    — Generic: “like on this page
    — Branding: “on Supremacy SEO
    — Bare URL: “www.supremacyseo.com
  • Building mid 4-figure amount of Tier 2 contextual posts to funnel the link power using 500 separate LSI niche related keywords
  • Co-occurrence and Co-citational
  • Links from a huge variety of platforms


Part 2: The Power

During month two we break out the big guns. This is where the big consistent rankings come from. At this point your site is completely primed and ready to go. You deserve big sexy PR links. Google naturally expects people to start linking to you at this point, and they will reward you well once these are created. We use the following powerful links for this.

1) Legitimate editorial links from 100% true authority sites.

Yeah. We can offer these when no one else can. These are pure unadulterated SEO gold. These are real in-post editorial backlinks on some of the biggest sites on the web. These are the sites that you actually read on your own time. Each client will be getting different links on different domains depending upon the niche, but I promise you no link is more valuable than this.

Editorial Backlinks


And Finally, You Make Your Choice Between Using A Network Or Not


(Pro-Network Option) High PR backlinks with strong DA/PA/TF/CF metrics.

Better than Rankcrew, Whitespark, and myblogguest products combined
If you choose the high PR blog network option, then relevance is the new name of the game. Our powerful PR links are designed completely for specific niches. Not only that, but they are structured to not be like traditional blog networks. Links are spread throughout the site in different areas. Sites are monetized, likely have some rankings of their own, have social profiles, and look like real websites. Not a general BS network. Unfortunately right now we can only accept very limited customers, and only very specific niches for this (you can see what we offer below). Each network is limited to only 5-10 clients total, which is completely unheard of quality in the SEO world.

(NON-Network Option) Highly valuable white-listed contextual links

These are for those who opt out of the PR blog network. For these links, we will absolutely NOT release these domains to the public under any circumstances. They are too valuable. We have found how to get a variety of contextual white hat links from some of the best domains around. Sites like charities, powerful organizations, legitimate business tools, and more. These are links that no spammer has access to, and they cause sites to RANK. We follow these by pumping a helping of contextual tier-2 links from PR sites to boost them even more.
SEO Angel


If you have a business that you need to rank and need proven quality, safety, and dependable results to get you the traffic you need. Sign up now.

**Update: We now have a 2-3 week waiting list in place. Please SIGN UP HERE to grab your spot in line.

RankBOSS Prime
Branding, Social and Reputation Boosting Strategies
The Foundation Package
Authentic Big Brand Editorial Links
Powerful White-Listed Contextuals or Niche PR Network
Our Custom Guidance On Maximizing Your Website Structure.


But what about the little guy???

Don’t worry. I know not everyone already has an established high quality business worthy of the RankBOSS Prime link building service. A lot of people have simple affiliate sites, or starter websites that they just can’t justify investing that much in yet. Sites that might not need as much love and tenderness as someones main business (I have these sites too, I get it).

For this, we offer RankBOSS Lite:

RankBOSS Lite is cut from the same cloth as the Prime version, but it’s stripped down to the basics of what still brings results, without all the extras that a bigger business requires:

What It Includes:

  • RankBOSS Lite offers a PR network with great DA/PA/CF/TF metrics that bring results. This network however is generic and slightly larger network than the niched down version.
  • RankBOSS Lite still offers the option to NOT use a blog network, and it still brings solid ranking boosts.
  • The Lite version includes a partial Foundation Package, for penalty protection and authority building.

What It Does Not Include:

  • It does not include any big brand editorial links (those are expensive!)
  • Nor does it include the social, branding, and reputation building that expanding businesses require.

In other words. It’s still the basics of good solid link building. Sign Up Below While Spots Are Available.

UPDATE** – There is now a 2-3 week waiting list. Please SIGN UP HERE to grab your spot in line. Thanks

RankBOSS Lite - Standard Option
Ideal for affiliate sites & starter biz's
Multiple keywords accepted
RankBOSS Lite - Starter Plan
For easy niches
1 URL, 1-2 keywords


Q: Is this service right for me?
A: This question usually comes down to simple math. What is your potential return on investment (ROI)? If you can spend $299/month to make $1299 in sales then it probably is. If you spend $299/month to maybe only make $399 then I recommend looking into other marketing channels or improving your business model and monetization before signing up. We really do want you to be successful.

Q: Are all niches accepted?
A: No. We opt not to work with anything in a sketchy neighborhood or illegal. P0rn and casin0 are a no-go, but most other stuff is just fine. However we can only let niche specific sites within our RankBOSS Prime network.

Q: Can I resell RankBOSS to my own clients?
A: Yes. We have quite a lot of SEO service providers (some that you may know) who resell RankBOSS to their clients. We love this, as we get to do what we’re best at (ranking sites!) and they get to handle the rest.

Q: I think my website is penalized, can you help?
A: This depends. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. For this situation it is best to contact us before signing up.

Q: What kind of content do you use?
A: We use 100% unique custom content on everything we create. We do NOT use spun content on anything that points to your website.

Q: Can I see the network? Have a report?
A: Negative. This is for everyone’s own good, including your own. This network is incredibly expensive to produce and we have zero desire to needlessly put it at risk by making it public. We also do not want to expose our tactics. Copycats run wild. Our product works, and we want to keep it to ourselves. You will be able to see some links inside your favorite backlink checker (Ahrefs, Majestic, Open Site Explorer (Moz), etc), but understand that a lot of stuff will purposely not show up there.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Of course. Full no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to be happy here, and we don’t want your cash if you’re not getting results.

Q: What happens if I cancel the subscription?
A: This network is incredibly expensive and time consuming to produce, and so with this program you are renting the links no matter what option you choose. They are just too powerful to allow someone to buy placement. If you stop your subscription we take down the PR links. This is rarely an issue though. If you have a sound business plan with a good ROI then there is zero need to ever cancel. With our business model we do not make ANY profit on customers the first few months. Instead we only make our profit back over the longterm, which is why we strive so hard to keep you happy and achieve great results.

Q: Are there risks?
A: Of course. All SEO carries a risk, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying in order to take your money. We prefer to be upfront and ditch the BS. The good news is that the risks are incredibly small, and we do everything we can to mitigate this risk. Our foundation package seriously reduces the risk of penalties. On top of that we keep the login information of ALL of your backlinks. If you ever need them deleted for whatever reason just let us know. Problem solved. Most companies can’t offer that FYI. We control it all.

Q: How do I track everything?
A: Well you will most likely notice the big traffic boosts first. But besides that, we give you a private login into our SEO backend where you can track all of your increases.

Q: What sites does this service work best on?
A: The sky is the limit here. Niche sites, small business websites, local results, Ecommerce, affiliate sites, mini sites, etc, Sites full of spun or thin content typically do not do well however.

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