How To Kill A Panda Bear

How To Recover From Panda 4.0

How To Recover From Panda 4.0 Let’s face it. Pandas are evil. I know they look all cute n’ cuddly, but that’s their secret weapon. They wait for you to let your guard down, then they ferociously strike when you least expect it, bringing pain and agony to us innocent bystanders. Still not buying it? Take this handy […]

An Easy Way To Get Fast Backlinks

Easy Way To Get Free Backlinks

An Easy Way To Get Fast Backlinks Despite the frantic calls of SEO doomsayers on the web, there actually still exists an easy method to quickly get a lot of links. Strangely enough though, no one ever really thinks of it. These links are sexy too. They are: As natural as you can get Are […]

SEO Analysis Tools

SEO Analysis Tools

My Recommended SEO Analysis Tools Preface The purpose of this post is simple. I frequently get asked about the tools that I use for SEO analysis. This is everything from keyword research, to analyzing the competition, to looking at backlinks. This post will be an ongoing one-stop-shop for me to direct those questions to. There […]

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Is Guest Blogging Dead? Hardly… You just have to do it right In a blog post yesterday the one and only Matt Cutts struck lightning bolts of fear into the hearts of thousands of SEO’s across the world with a quick pec of his keyboard. Matt Stated: Oh Noes. The Skyz are falling   What […]

Increase YOUR Profits With Buying Keywords

buying keywords with intent

Keywords With Intent How to become more profitable, with less effort, by utilizing “buying” keywords.   I am going to go over my own step by step process that I personally use on my profitable nutritional supplement business to maximize results in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort.   Typical […]

Simple On Page SEO Guide

A Simple On Page SEO Guide     How to maximize the results from your SEO campaign     UPDATE Jan 2015: A lot has changed in the SEO world since I originally wrote this post. Most of what is written here is still valuable, but a little is outdated and can lead to over-optimization. […]

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