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Who is it for?

Anyone looking for blazing fast increases in your current search engine rankings.


What is The Grey Hat Blast?

We do not reveal the exact method, because we do not want to see copycats for this wonderful service. What we can tell you is that it is a large volume of backlinks from diversified sources, including tons of contextual backlinks from various white-listed sources (not networks), social signals, and varied authority site links from both do-follow and no-follow sources to encourage diversity.


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Is there a risk of penalties?

  • There is always a risk of a penalty in ALL seo, whether using white or grey hat methods (any company that tells you differently is lying). To date though, we have not experienced ANY penalties from any of these blasts across all of the sites used. We use a special private linking method that keeps the search engines happy. As always though, use at your own risk


Can I reduce the risk of penalties even more?

  • Yes. Simply blast the links to another domain that you own, and then do a 301 redirect from the blasted site to your targeted one. Most of the link juice will pass through while protecting your website. Direct links are always a little stronger though.


Is this The Grey Hat Blast ok for new websites?

  • To date yes, although the process works much better on established domains with age and some links already pointing to it. New websites might want to utilize the 301 method though if worried, as well as purchase some high PR backlinks.


How does it work?

  • We do not reveal exactly how it works, but part of our highly effective process includes:
  • We begin by sending out authority social signals to your website in preparation for incoming links. This is how natural websites attract links, by first getting social attention then getting website links.
  • We create the perfect amount of links from High PR sites to your domain to help create and establish “authority”.
  • We create a large number of contextual backlinks for your website from a large variety of clean platforms not usually targeted by many SEO’ers.


Are Great Results Guaranteed?

  • No. That truly is not possible in high-level SEO. Realistically we can expect 9/10 sites to respond very well.


How Can I Increase The Effectiveness?

  • There are several things that you can, and should, do in order to maximize the effects of The Grey Hat Blast.
  • Perfect your on-page seo. This is crucial
  • If possible add new content to your website regularly
  • If possible add long content to your targeted page(s). The more words the better usually, and the more terms that you can rank for.
  • Get high PR backlinks to add authority to your site.



  • Results usually noticed within 10-14 days.
  • We accept up to 3 URL’s from the same website
  • We accept unlimited keywords
  • We do not give a report with this service. Our service is unique and we want to keep it that way.


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