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A Service Made For Results

There are a lot of low quality services out there, and this is NOT one of them. This is SEO done right. No cutting corners, no links in bad neighborhoods, super link diversity, latest tactics, proper structure of everything and proper anchor text ratios to ward off even the scariest of penalties. Our service flat out works for ranking your website at the top.

Want Proof?

Only Pay When You Rank!

That’s right. That’s confidence.

With our link building service we only start charging you monthly once your website reaches the top rankings. There is a small one-time $150 start up fee to keep the freeloaders away, after that invoices will only be sent once top rankings are reached. Our model of using performance based SEO takes away the risk for you and motivates our team to achieve the results you desire in a timely manner. This takes all risk away from you. You only start to pay once your website is ranking at the top where it can make money. Our service pays for itself.

How do we do it?

Although we at Supremacy SEO absolutely love large scale automation, sometimes it’s just not the right thing to do. Our white hat seo package builds on this by offering the benefits that only manual can provide and combining it with the most advanced ranking tactics available on the market today. We do what others can not (seriously).

Our White Hat Methods

We have the most solid structure in the industry. We keep your website safe from google updates, while still providing all the link power that is required for top tier rankings (remember that we only get paid when you rank).

We utilize the top factors necessary for results:

  • Trust Flow
  • High PR
  • Domain Authority
  • REAL Social Factors
  • REAL Authority Sites
  • Page Authority
  • Dofollow/Nofollow ratios
  • Image/Anchor/Naked/Generic/301 Links
  • Link Velocity
  • Outbound Authority Links
  • Co-citational link building
  • On Page Perfection
  • Clean Code
  • Page Speed
  • Age
  • White Listed Domains
  • and extras that you just won’t find anywhere else (or even hear about)

Did none of this make any sense to you? No problem. It just means that we know how to deliver results. We make the search engines believe that your site is the most important authority in your niche and that your site should be ranked at the top.


Penalty Proof Your Website

The harsh reality is that penalties are always possible when performing SEO. We know that there are other service providers who claim that it’s impossible to get a penalty with their service. It’s a lie. We minimize all the risks so that they are very rare, but it’s always a small possibility with the enormous complexity of the search engine algorithms.

Hey, I thought you said that you would penalty proof my website?

We did. Instead of feeding clients lies, we instead do much better. We keep the login information for 95% of all the backlinks created. This means that at ANY time anything bad might happen we can actually remove the links that were created, thus putting your website in a virtual time machine.


Simple and straight forward. No hidden costs:

  1. There is a one time $150 setup fee.
  2. You then pay nothing until you start ranking in Google at the specified positions
  3. Once you start ranking we will invoice you for each keyword based upon the average ranking in Google

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Exactly does the pricing work?
If your website does not rank, you do not pay! Once your site begins to rank at the specified tiers above we will charge you based upon each keyword at each placement.

To better explain I will give an example:
Your website is You are trying to rank for three keywords: X-keyword, Y-keyword, and Z-keyword. When you sign up for our products you are not ranking for any keywords.

After month 1 you are ranking:
- #12 for X-keyword ($50 tier)
- #8 for Y-keyword  ($100 tier)
- #9 for Z-keyword  ($100 tier)

Your total bill for the month would be $250. The higher you move up, the more traffic you get to your website, the more money you make, and the more we will charge you. It is a win-win for everyone.

What If I Am Already Ranking In The Top 15?
Contact us and we will set up a specific program for you. Have no fear though, you will NEVER pay until your website improves.

How Long Does It Take To Improve Rankings?
This will vary for each and every website. On average you will start getting noticeable increases within 1.5 months.

Can I Choose ANY Keyword?
Yes and No.
The majority of all keywords will fall into the pricing structure from above, but occasionally some keywords will have too high of competition to provide at that price point. In this case we can either provide you a higher quote for the selected keywords, or we can recommend other keywords that are more fitting and frequently more popular (This is our preferred choice).

For example if a client has a website selling “Custom Silver Jewelry” and wants to rank for “Jewelry”, we would simply recommend that they instead choose a more relavent keyword such as “Buy Custom Silver Jewelry”. There would be much less volume compared to the original keyword, but the visitors to the website would be MUCH more targeted and would end up providing much more value in the end.

How Long Does This Pricing Last? Will You Suddenly Raise Prices?
Prices are locked for 6 months, but fear not because we have NO intention of suddenly increasing prices. We are not a scammy company.

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