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RankBOSS is Proven to Deliver the Traffic That Small Businesses Need

  • Legitimate big brand backlinks that come with big brand rankings.  Not just fluff that anyone can buy.
  • Strategies that turn your site into an actual AUTHORITY.  Links are nice, but there is A LOT more to it than just links and content. 
  • Made specifically for small business owners. Stop wasting your time trying (and failing) to learn SEO. Use RankBOSS, and put your energy where it should be; building your business. 

Now that You've Read Our Pitch, Let's Talk About the Modern State of SEO

Hey, Travis here. That's enough of the sales-speak for now. That header is really just about all I can take (even though it's all true). I'd much rather just be real with you.

If you're reading this, then you probably already know that my team and I are good. We don't advertise, we don't promote our stuff. 90% of our clients come from word of mouth, so I don't have to try and convince you of anything. You already know. Why do you think we haven't publicly opened our doors to new clients in 5 months??

RankBOSS has been around for a while for a reason. It works when others don't. Why can I confidently say this? Because RankBOSS is the exact system I developed with my team to rank my own large portfolio of businesses. And to be frank, I'm crushing it. 

At a time when most SEO companies are running around in sheer panic,
I can confidently say that our service has never been stronger.

So, if you're interested in learning more then sit back and enjoy the read. This isn't like a typical sales page. Instead I'm just going to educate you on what's up in the SEO world (major changes), and what we're offering (in limited supply). Even if you have zero interest in using our service, I still highly recommend reading it all if you care about your rankings at all. 
We're not giving away our secrets of course, but you can still leave more knowledgeable than when you arrived. 

Let's cover some of the not-so-public algorithm changes

  • Social

Big G without a doubt has some backend API access to all the social networks to see what’s going on (and they hide this fact I might add). It’s been assumed for a while by many SEO’s, but it is even more important as of the last few months.
Without getting too geeky here, we have observed that social signals themselves do NOT rank sites, but that they almost certainly correlate with high rankings.
AKA… they give permission for links depending on the niche. Skip on this validation and you will be left behind. 

  • Brand Mentions

This is where we start getting into some tricky stuff. Google is actively tracking the amount of brand & URL mentions your site receives (these are not necessarily even links!). There is then some sort of given acceptable ratio between Brand/URL/Social mentions and backlinks. This is most likely niche dependent as not all niches go social. But you can think of it as you should only have X amount of links per Y amount of mentions. If you’ve been doing SEO yourself for other sites and not seeing results lately, this might have something do to with that.
We’ve developed the single best way to solve this problem

  • Brand Reputation

Google has this crafty “Bad Merchant” algorithm. This actually tracks negative brand mentions, poor reviews, etc. It then penalizes or devalues based upon the results. We believe that they also at the same time have the opposite. A “Good merchant” algo that rewards those with good reviews and positive mentions. We now know how to give you a good rep in record time.

  • Timing

This is kind of common sense when you stop and think about it, but branding & social interaction most certainly come before a bunch of new powerful backlinks. Not the other way around. We time this perfectly.

  • Traffic

How does a site naturally get 1000 brand new contextual PR backlinks while they’ve only had 15 visitors?
Exactly, they don’t, and Google knows this. Remember that Chrome (which is basically just a visual Google-bot) tracks everything from everyone using it. They know more or less the traffic you get and your user engagement regardless of if you use G-Analytics or not. (Note* certain types of large link blasts can short-circuit this problem sometimes by mimicking virality, but that’s another story). Our tests have shown the ideal ratio of links for current low traffic sites just starting out, and the best velocity for more established websites.

  • Intent

Artificial intelligence is basically here whether we like it or not folks. Google knows what you are trying to do on your website. They know the intent, theme and meaning of your content and design. If you don’t fit into what they are looking for they simply will not rank you. They won’t penalize you, but they won’t reward you either. We will show you what the algorithm wants.

  • Age

Unless they are going legitimately viral, new sites should not be getting the same amount of links as a nice aged authoritative domain. Why would you do the same thing for two completely different websites? (we’ve been guilty of this too before, don’t feel bad). This is not necessarily in relation to the technical age of the actual domain, but to the age and authority the domain has built up in Google’s eyes (an important distinction). We have created guidelines for optimum link volume and velocity of links depending on certain factors for each site.

  • Reasons For Links

Why would an old static unchanged website suddenly get a boatload of powerful links out of the blue? It can happen, but it’s rare. We figured out some hacks to give Google validation for those links.

  • SEO Landmines

I don’t have a better term for it so I just made that up. The Google spam team is not comprised of a bunch of dummies. They know what the mainstream public SEO community is preaching, and they know the tactics they recommend. We believe they have put into place a sort of automatic checklist of things that aggressive SEO’s do. If enough things on your site get checked off, then they know you are trying to break the rules and will keep you from ranking. We’ve learned how to counter this.

  • Blog Networks

Ahh what recent SEO discussion would be complete without PBN's. Guess what... they still work.
BUT... Guess what again? RankBOSS No Longer Uses Them!

That's right. But it's probably not for the reasons you think. We still have several massive and healthy PBNs, but our new legitimate SEO techniques actually work better than any PBN. The newer methods are safer, more powerful, and meant to stand the test of time. Our main clients are legitimate businesses, not a bunch of cheap Adsense sites. We only use tactics that are meant to last, while delivering the big rankings you have come to expect. 

  • Engagement FOR Your Backlinks

This will blow your mind. Google wants to see that the actual links pointing to your website are getting engagement. They don't just want your site to have engagement, they want your actual backlinks to have it too, and they can track this. On top of that, these need to show recent and topical engagement for the best effects.
Worry not... we make this happen.

Summary: SEO is No Longer Just About Links & Content.

I don't want to confuse you here too much. Many of the basics of SEO are the same. Have powerful links, write good content, and have a properly structured website. However, these changes I mention are routinely the difference between dominating a niche and being in no-mans-land (the dreaded page 2). 

Unless you have endless time to engage with other sites online, build amazing sharable content (good luck if you have a boring niche), and create a massive social buzz around your site, then you need RankBOSS.

The strategies in RankBOSS are designed for exactly this purpose. These strategies are designed specifically for my own projects. I own multiple large businesses, and hundreds of domains. Do you think I have time for that on each one? Absolutely not!​
RankBOSS gives the search engines what they crave, and it does it all for you.

RankBOSS Gives You the Ingredients To Rank

Social Buzz

We create a virtual buzz around your website. RankBOSS makes Google EXPECT to see quality backlinks. We make Google love your site, not just accept it. 

Become an Authority

RankBOSS turns your site into a legitimate big brand. Brand mentions, engagement for your links, a positive reputation for your brand and more. 

Big Boss Backlinks

The most powerful of them all. Backlinks with juice. Lots of it. Not PBN links, not some silly web 2.0. Big powerhouse links that most will rarely ever have access to.

What RankBOSS Does for You:

Part 1: Your Brand

"Your Brand Should Be Everywhere"

RankBOSS turns your site into an actual brand. Google treats brands differently, and everyone knows it. 

During month-1 of RankBOSS, we focus extensively on this. We call this our "Foundation Package". No site should ever begin SEO without it. 

We​ concentrate on getting links from Alexa top-1000 sites, social signals, brand mentions, naked URL links, press creation, 3rd party engagement, business sites and more. 

Social Media Branding Links
Editorial Backlinks

Part 2: The Power

True Big-Boss editorial backlinks from the most powerful sites on the planet.

- Relationships with large amounts of writers and editors at many of the most prestigious websites.

- Access to post articles for our clients on ​many of the top underdog sites on the web. Not blog networks. Real sites. With real readers. Real power and the ranking increases that go along with them.

Part 3:
Complete Site Analysis

Not your grandma's on-page SEO

Backlinks are useless if your site isn't up to par. We evaluate all areas of your site that are important. Not just some title tags and an H1. The higher level stuff that makes all the difference

Your websites intent (commercial vs informative), technical structure, interlinking, broken links, speed and more. ​

technical SEO analysis

As you can see, RankBOSS is designed to do it all. A set it and forget it solution for small business owners needing more traffic to their site. It's not a miracle cure, but if you have a good website and have a great business model that just needs traffic it can be a wonderful solution. 

If you're interested in getting started please sign up below. FYI we tend to sell out our spots quickly, and the last time we opened was 5 months ago. So if you are ready to go please don't wait. ​

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Branding, Social and Reputation Boosting Foundation Package

Authentic Big Brand Editorial Links​

Powerful White-Listed Contextuals​

"Real" Website Optimization​

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