This Week In SEO – Search Queries, Emojis, and Local SEO

This Week In SEO The Language of Search, Emojis, Local SEO, Penalty Recovery, and Authority This week’s quick SEO tip will make sure your site never takes a ranking hit because it’s offline (without you knowing about it). Sign up for Pingdom Free or Uptime Robot.  Emoji… the next wave of SERP spam? Barry […]

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Your Post is bad!

This Week In SEO – KW Research, Facebook & Writing Copy

This Week In SEO Keyword Research, Facebook #Winning, And the First Losers of the Mobile Update This week we’re gonna kick things off with a new feature in the “This Week In SEO” series, a quick-tips video.  In this weeks video, my man Sean shows us “How to Quickly Find Low Competition Keywords in Your […]

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This Week In SEO: Mobilegeddon & Google Loving

This Week In SEO Yandex, Backlinks, Ranking With Content & Google Getting “Loved Tenderly”   Hey there Guys and Gals, It’s April 22nd, 2015.  That means the Google Mobile Algorithm update lovingly called “Mobilegeddon” is rolling out as we speak.  Hopefully you’ve double-checked that your site was mobile friendly, and you’re not seeing a dive […]

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Getting Traction With SEO

How To Get Traction… Fast

How To Get Traction… Fast SEO Quick wins for getting over the traffic hump   I routinely get emails from individuals looking for some SEO help. Assuming that it’s not a question that a quick Google search can answer, then I’m happy to help when I can. Many of these messages end up having a […]

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This Week In SEO – Mobile, Doorways & Parasites

This Week In SEO Mobile Sites, Doorways, Parasites & More   Hey there, We have another round of SEO news and updates for you here. Below are some great posts from the industry. Including everything from upcoming updates, to some nice parasite info for you grey-hatters. Enjoy! -Travis —————————————————— How Google Skewed Search Results Here’s […]

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New Google Heat Map

This Week In SEO – Volume 1

This Week in SEO – Volume 1   Hey Guys, The content below is taken from our March 15th newsletter. We’re going to start publicly publishing at least half of our newsletters here. If you’d like to get them all, please make sure and sign up to our list.  ———————————————- I know I’ve been a little […]

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How To Recover From Panda 4.0

How To Kill A Panda Bear

How To Recover From Panda 4.0 Let’s face it. Pandas are evil. I know they look all cute n’ cuddly, but that’s their secret weapon. They wait for you to let your guard down, then they ferociously strike when you least expect it, bringing pain and agony to us innocent bystanders. Still not buying it? Take this handy […]

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Easy Way To Get Free Backlinks

An Easy Way To Get Fast Backlinks

An Easy Way To Get Fast Backlinks Despite the frantic calls of SEO doomsayers on the web, there actually still exists an easy method to quickly get a lot of links. Strangely enough though, no one ever really thinks of it. These links are sexy too. They are: As natural as you can get Are […]

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Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Is Guest Blogging Dead? Hardly… You just have to do it right In a blog post yesterday the one and only Matt Cutts struck lightning bolts of fear into the hearts of thousands of SEO’s across the world with a quick pec of his keyboard. Matt Stated (and I quote): “So stick a fork in […]

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