TWS66: Penguin Arrives, Apple Maps, AMP, & More

This Week In SEO 66 Penguin Arrives, Apple Maps, AMP, & More Blah blah AMP. Blah blah blah, featured snippets. Blah blah 8 SEO things you can learn from Pokemon GO, Blah bla– !! Penguin 4.0 Finally Arrives Relax.  Take a deep breath. Whenever you hear about Google penalties, it’s best not to react […]

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TWS65: Big Fluctuations, Linkless Mentions, Grey Hat SEO, & More

This Week In SEO 65 Big Fluctuations, Linkless Mentions, Grey Hat SEO, & More   The Doom and Gloom Chatter of September, 2016 SEOs waiting for Penguin like: I try not to post about stories in the weekly updates that are unfolding or unconfirmed, as too much and constant speculation isn’t really helpful. However, […]

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TWS64″ Citations, App Store Penalties, Penalties, & More!

This Week In SEO 64 Citations, App Store Penalties, Penalties, & More!   Thoughts on the Efficacy of Local Citations Every SEO knows that if you’re trying to rank locally, your citation game needs to be strong. In this post, Andrew Shotland of provides some really interesting thoughts on how effective local citations […]

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TWS63: Mobile and Local SEO

This Week In SEO 63 Mobile and Local SEO   An Update on Mobile Search Results from Google Google is tired of your inconsiderate pop-ups blocking all the content on your site when viewed on mobile, and even worse being close to impossible to close them. So they’re going to wield the SEO stick […]

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TWS62: Penalties, Local SEO, Content Length, & More

This Week In SEO 62 Penalties, Local SEO, Content Length, & More Getting Your Penalties Straight Hey! SEO penalties suck, but in 2016, they are fairly avoidable. Still, in your eagerness to rank a site, it’s easy to misstep and do something stupid that could bury your site. Oops. I’m a fan of reviewing […]

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TWS61: AMP in the SERPs, CDNs, Penguin & Ahrefs

This Week In SEO 61 AMP in the SERPs, CDNs for SEO, & More   A Preview of AMP in the SERPs Google has released a demo of what the SERPs will look like when Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) makes their big-time debut. To clarify, this is not a ranking change for sites. As […]

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Brands, Domains, and Youtube

This Week In SEO 60 Brands, Domains, and Youtube   The Death of Generics and the Dominance of Brands Aaron Wall, the Cormac McCarthy of SEO (google it), published a great post looking at how generic domains like and have failed to thrive, but the big brands behind them (Target and Walgreens, […]

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Data-Backed SEO, Old Content & More

This Week In SEO 59 Data-Backed SEO, Old Content, & More   Updating Old Content, A Different Perspective Last week we wrote about J-Mu saying there was no real SEO benefit to getting rid of your old, crusty content other than slightly making a better user experience on your site (or making yourself look […]

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Knowledge Graph, Old Content & More

This Week In SEO 58 Knowledge Graph, Old Content & More   Optimizing Your Site for Knowledge Graph Domination I’ve highlighted stories relating to the knowledge graph before, but never one so useful and instructional as this. Go ahead and skip the first half of the post, because the good stuff comes after […]

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The Bootstrapper’s Guide to SEO

The BootStrapper’s Guide To SEO Linkbuilding Today we’re giving a shout out to the bootstrappers and the DIYers out there. Of course, as most of you already know, Supremacy SEO has two different link building services for those looking to let the pros (that’s us) handle it: RankBOSS for competitive niches with some higher quality […]

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