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Whether you’ve heard of it or not, SEO is something all law firms should include as part of their digital marketing strategy. If you’re not already utilizing it, you know that you’re losing clients to firms that are.

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What is SEO?

SEO (or search engine optimization) is one of the most stable aspects of a digital marketing campaign.

Used by everyone from optometrists to home service providers, SEO is one of the last surefire ways of promoting your business. Why should law firms be any different?

By not having an SEO strategy, you could be losing out on tens to hundreds of potential clients. Word-of-mouth simply only goes so far anymore, and when it does, even that happens online.

Think about the last time you, yourself, needed to look into services. What did you do? Likely, the answer is, “I typed it into Google.” And that is where SEO comes in.

Google, which accounts for 96% of mobile search traffic, has ever-changing means of ranking websites. So, when you search for services and the results come up, what do you do?

Do you scroll through all of the results? Do you also look at further pages into the search? Or do you, like most people, focus on the top results and then move on?

The aim of an SEO marketing strategy is to work with Google’s algorithms to rank your firm as high as it can go. Those algorithms, however, change hundreds of times a year.

As SEO specialists, our singular goal is to keep on top of those changes to better serve you.

SEO Myths

Due to Google’s ever-changing algorithmic landscape, there are certain aspects of SEO that are outdated. In fact, a lot of SEO firms might still be using last year’s techniques without knowing it.

The biggest myth in the SEO world is that using chosen keywords a certain amount of times in an article is still the way Google works. #Wrong.

This is called keyword stuffing, and if it’s being used as part of your marketing strategy, Google could be penalizing you for it. SEO is more than incorporating strategic keywords.

It’s knowing your areas of expertise and letting people like us do the rest.

What Constitutes a Good SEO Strategy?

If you want your firm to outrank your competitors, your SEO has to be airtight.

Believe it or not, people actually care what experts have to say. This is also a huge part of your marketing strategy – being informative, interesting, and helpful to those who visit your website.

You now have to know what you’re talking about if you have any chance of outranking your competitors.

For example, say somebody is looking for immigration law advice in your district.

If they click your website to find out what services you offer and then stay on your site a while, this will positively affect your rankings. The same goes for divorce law, tax, employment.

People aren’t searching for general advice that paid rankings can’t deliver – they’re searching for answers. Played well, your SEO strategy can be beneficial to both them and your firm.

Content is King

Regularly posted, informative content posted to your site will shift Google’s “Eye of Saruman” onto you.

Of course, keywords are a thing. But it’s not in the way you think or as you might have been told. On the contrary, they have to be used, but they have to be used naturally.

Grammatically correct keywords related to what you want to rank for will always outrank sentences incorrectly built around word-for-word long tail keywords.

Why? Because it’s more natural, more informative, and more personal.

Because almost everyone, these days, is searching for organic and real connections. For content that reads as though it were written by a real person over a Lorem ipsum generator.

SEO-optimized content now has to speak to the person who is reading it if you want to have any chance of a higher ranking.

Your content needs to be informative to be SEO successful – and that’s what Supremacy SEO strives to do. We’re experts at SEO and SEO only.

We aren’t a generic, all-in-one service.

We focus exclusively on SEO for lawyers, and we’re damn good at it.

And like us, we know that you are the experts in what you do.

What Else is Needed?

Now you know you’re going to have to deliver to receive, you should also know that SEO services are nothing if not aided by a responsive website.

Your site needs to be optimized as much as its content. Website optimizations such as meta descriptions, for example, tell Google how to index your content.

If one of your competitors was to have a keyword-stuffed landing page and you have a simple, optimized website with tags, your firm will easily be ranked above theirs.

That’s just how it goes.

The closer we get to the end of Q1 of the 2000s, the more mobile-optimized marketing will creep in. We’re seeing it a lot already, with most people doing everything from emailing to searching via mobile.

Already, most people do their Googling on their smartphone. You’re probably reading this on yours as we speak.

If somebody is looking for an attorney in their area that specializes in what you specialize in, they’re likely doing it on-the-go.

3/4 smartphone users turn to Google on their device to aid their immediate needs. Therefore, if somebody is in need of a lawyer right then, they’ll be searching for you on their phone.

It’s even more important, in that case, that you think about your marketing strategy more seriously. Those on mobile aren’t going to scroll to the bottom of the first page of results.

Not if they can help it.

Smartphones have made for a world where everything from food to pharmaceuticals can be delivered instantaneously. Services have to keep up.

Clients who are searching for lawyers are searching because they want help and they want help as soon as possible.

Essentially, the Internet has bred an impatient generation, but that doesn’t mean businesses shouldn’t capitalize on that.

Keeping your site easy to use, easy to navigate, and fast, can increase your SEO rankings even further.

Give potential clients what they were looking for when they first typed in their query as quickly and simply as possible. That alone just might convert a potential client into an actual client.

That’s the power of an SEO strategy.

What We Do

SEO tactics are being applied more and more in the legal space.

This is because everybody is becoming more aware of the potential that the internet can bring to their business. More importantly, the potential and the money that ranking on Google can bring.

96% of people looking for legal advice turn to search engines. To mistakenly think that other firms haven’t cordoned on to this already would be silly. They have, and it’s a packed market.

However, because of this and the more sites are doing it, the harder it’s going to be to go head-to-head with them for rankings.

That’s why investing in SEO experts who can come up with a strategy just for you is marketing gold. In the Year Of Our Lord, 2019, that’s also going to be different for every law firm.

That said, it will also be the way forward for every firm.

We provide SEO-focussed marketing campaigns that are tailored to your branch of law. More than that, we’re willing to discuss with you the audience you’d like to reach.

After all, the role of an SEO firm should be to work alongside companies.

We might be experts in SEO, but you’re the experts in your realms of law.

Using your expertise together with ours, you’ll be able to have a marketing campaign that actually works.

A campaign that raises your client profile, attracts smaller leads as well as larger and makes you money.

Not through marketing your brand any differently, but by doing what many other firms forget to do. But by helping those who are looking to you, specifically, for help.

Whether your peers’ SEO strategy is expert or not, it’s the connections you go on to make with your clients that speaks volumes.

SEO is just the beginning – but it’s the spark that lights it all.


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