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The Evolution Of High PR Backlinks:
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If you are needing more traffic, higher rankings
and specifically more customers, then we would love to help.

First Up | The Basics
If you’re here then you probably already know the power of high PR authority links pointing to your site and how quickly they can increase rankings. They work by providing raw power in the eyes of google. If there are large quantities of highly valuable, PR2-PR5, links all pointing to your personal website, then this proves to google that your website must be incredibly important and of great value to its searchers, so in turn google will rank your site high in the search results to satisfy the needs of its customers.

Everyone should also know that links inside context (such as the links in this service) have been shown to be more powerful than standalone links on the sidebar or at the footer of an article. We only provide the highest quality contextual pr backlinks.

We Take It To The Next Level
In the past we simply offered high pr backlinks. They worked, and they worked well.
Some problems arose though.


The SEO World Changed

Google really doesn’t want you to rank highly. They want you to buy Adwords advertising instead. Because of this they have been combating the old SEO methods. Simply using high PR backlinks in the same old manner stopped producing the same spectacular results. Now it’s not as much what tools that you use, but more about how you use them.

So what did we do?

We Evolved

Instead of giving up, we simply created something better. The next step. An addition to the high pr backlinks service that so many of you have come to love.

What We Did:
We added in new additions to all of our packages to include all of the new ranking factors that the updated search algorithm looks for. It’s no longer just about page rank, it now provides all of the many necessary ranking signals:

  • Building Trust
  • Branding Your Site (This is key! Brands rank better!)
  • Building Social Signals
  • Penguin Penalty Proofing
  • All of the modern things that the algorithm looks for

What is it? It’s the inclusion of the best parts of our beloved Foundation Package in addition to the powerful private PR network. EVERY customer now receives a foundation package included with their order by default to reap the combined benefits.

Foundation Package Summary

  • Building links from the top authority domains on the internet
  • Links from the top real social sites
  • Links only using Penguin-Proof keywords (protect your site!)
    — Generic: “click here to learn more”
    — Branding: “Supremacy SEO”
    — Naked URL: “”
  • 1000 Tier 2 links to funnel the link power using 500 separeate niche related keywords
  • Co-citational and Co-occurance backlinks
  • 40 short unique descriptions created for the foundation package alone
  • A huge variety of backlinks from multiple platforms (diversify to avoid footprints!)

A sample of some of the sites you get links from:

See A Sample
And More! We continue to improve!

To Sum It Up: The Service Combines Everything You Need To Dominate


What Else Makes This Service Stand Out?

1. Your high pr links will be featured on the actual homepages that hold the PR and will stay there!

This is one thing that makes this service so powerful. The links to your site will never roll to an inner page. We keep them on the homepage to give your website the maximum amount of link-juice.

2. Not only are all of the High PR sites hosted on unique C-class IP, but they are also all hosted on separate name servers.
This shows google that your site is diversified, with different websites from all over the internet pointing to you. Also, we use real hosting companies NOT seo-hosting.

3.  High DA (domain authority), PA (page authority) and Trust Flow.
We don’t only focus on the PR (page rank) metric. We also only use sites that have high authority Moz & Majestic metrics.

4. All unique content
Every. Single. Post created will contain a uniquely written article. No spinning what-so-ever.

5. Funneled link juice
Instead of just putting your link up and forgetting about it, we continue to safely and slowly pump diversified LSI tier-2 links to your actual backlinks to make them stronger and stronger over time.

Additional Details and FAQ:

Q: Is this service right for me?
A: This depends on your return on investment (ROI) calculations. We recommend that you sit down and do the math first, as we truly want to help you increase your sales. If a $250/month investment in our services will generate $1,500 a month in profit (or will bring recurring customers for a long period of time), then it’s a no-brainer to use our product. If a $250/month investment will only generate $300/month, then you might want to think about using another form of marketing, or working on improving your business model first.

Q: Are there any types of sites that are not accepted?
A: We do not allow any pornography, sketchy pharmaceutical sites, or anything related to Justin Beiber.

Q: How long will it take for my links to be up?
A: We distribute the high pr backlinks and the foundation links over a 25 day period in order to have it look natural and to give us time to create all of your unique content for your campaign. Results begin to sink in after about 20 days, with optimum results between the 30-60 day mark.

Q: Can I see the list of sites on the network?
A: No. Like most other services like this we do not share the sites. This is to protect everyone in the network, as well as our network itself. We spent a ton of money creating this and do not want to see it exposed. All members will be able to see some of the links trickling in using Ahrefs, Market Samurai, Majestic, etc (we block the spy bots for the best links to protect the sources, and to keep your competitors guessing). Also, remember that we backlink the high PR network sites for you for added link juice so that you don’t have to. The results are in the rankings, seeing a report does not make your site perform any better. Trust us, because if you do not rank then we will lose you as a customer (we obviously don’t want that!).

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: ABSOLUTELY! We offer a no questions asked full 30 day money back guarantee on this package. If you are not happy you will get your money back pronto. We even offer SEO partnerships using these links, so you know we stand behind the power of them.

Q: Outbound links?
A: Each site keeps a low OBL profile of 40 or less (usually less). Far below the golden number of “100 obl’s or less”.

Q: What happens if I cancel my subscription?
A: With this program you are renting the high pr links. These sites are just too powerful for us to let you buy backlinks at a reasonable price. So if you stop paying your links will be taken down. But with the great results you will experience you won’t have to. If your business plan is solid, then your ROI on this investment should be a no-brainer to continue. Note* The foundation links are permanent unless you actually want them deleted.

Q: Are there any risks?
A: We like to be upfront. The honest truth is that there is always a risk when doing any type of SEO no matter what type it is. Any SEO company that tells you differently is lying (as most do). The good news is that we do everything possible to reduce these risks while still bringing you great results. One thing that we do that most companies do not, is we retain control of 99% of all links ever created. With this we can always remove any backlinks at any time if requested by the client. This makes it easy to remove almost all of any associated risk, leading to only big rewards.

Q: How do I track the progress?
A: Besides noticing the big increases in traffic, you will also receive a login into our private SEO customer backend. Inside you can view the progress anytime you want, and will be sent a ranking report once per month.

Q: How many URLs and anchors can I use?
A: This depends on the package purchased. We will naturally diversify your keywords for you if you only list one main “money keyword” in order to keep it looking natural to the search engines. We welcome diversity in your keywords, but also remember that the more keywords you add the more the link power will be diluted between them.


The Service On This Page Has Been Upgraded! This Page Is No Longer Active. Please Click The Button Below To Learn About The New Upgraded Service: RankBOSS

Learn About RankBOSS


Ideal for most websites
1 URL + 1-5 keywords
Custom On-page SEO Report
Great For Difficult Niches
Fastest Rank Increases
Allows Multiple Inner Pages
Up To 10 Keywords
Custom On-Page Secrets You Won't Find Anywhere Else
For easy niches
1URL + 1-2 keywords


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