RankBOSS Lite – Affiliate SEO

RankBOSS Lite is cut from the same cloth as the Premium RankBOSS version, but it’s stripped down to the basics of what still brings results, without all the extras that a bigger business requires for success.

RankBOSS Lite is designed more for the little guy. With RankBOSS Lite we try and maximize our link quantity within the confines of an obviously smaller budget. Big baller white-hat links are incredibly expensive to acquire at scale, so with this service we utilize some more grey’er tactics to still get the powerful links needed to move the needle.

This service is best for:

  • Affiliate Sites
  • New Projects
  • Budget Projects


What It Includes:

  • An onsite audit and personalized page optimization guide. We have to get your site up to speed in order to rank it.
  • And the main feature… powerful backlinks at scale. These links come from a variety of sources, from social sites, to PBN’s and everything in between.


What It Does Not Include from the standard RankBOSS:

  • It does not include the white-hat editorial links (those are expensive!)
  • Nor does it include the social, branding, and reputation building that expanding businesses require.

In other words. It’s still the basics of good solid link building that improves rankings, but it is *not* ideal for serious businesses. There is a risk with this service. If you need more low-risk campaigns while still getting results that will stand the test of time, then take a look at our RankBOSS Premium service.

RankBOSS Lite - Standard Option
Ideal for affiliate sites & starter biz's
Multiple keywords accepted



Q: Is this service right for me?
A: This question usually comes down to simple math. What is your potential return on investment (ROI)? If you can spend $989/month to make $4000 in sales then it probably is. If you spend $989/month to maybe only make $1200 then I recommend looking into other marketing channels or improving your business model and monetization before signing up. We really do want you to be successful.

Q: Are all niches accepted?
A: No. We opt not to work with anything in a sketchy neighborhood or illegal. P0rn and casin0 are a no-go, but most other stuff is just fine. We will not work with sites that we consider unethical.

Q: Can I resell RankBOSS to my own clients?
A: Yes. We have quite a lot of SEO service providers (some that you may know) who resell RankBOSS to their clients. We love this, as we get to do what we’re best at (ranking sites!) and they get to handle the rest.

Q: I think my website is penalized, can you help?
A: This depends. Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. For this situation it is best to contact us before signing up.

Q: Can I see the network? Have a report?
A: Negative. This is for everyone’s own good, including your own. Our networks are incredibly expensive to produce and we have zero desire to needlessly put it at risk by making it public. We also do not want to expose our tactics. Copycats run wild. Our product works, and we want to keep it to ourselves. You will be able to see some links inside your favorite backlink checker if you so desire, but understand that a lot of stuff will purposely not show up there.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Of course. Full no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee. We want you to be happy here, and we don’t want your cash if you’re not getting results.

Q: What happens if I cancel the subscription?
A: This network is incredibly expensive and time consuming to produce, and so with this program you are renting the links no matter what option you choose. They are just too powerful to allow someone to buy placement. If you stop your subscription we take down all of the links. This is rarely an issue though. If you have a sound business plan with a good ROI then there is zero need to ever cancel. With our business model we do not make ANY profit on customers the first few months. Instead we only make our profit back over the longterm, which is why we strive so hard to keep you happy and achieve great results. With this business model we must have this policy.

Q: Are there risks?
A: Of course. All SEO carries a risk, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying in order to take your money. We prefer to be upfront and ditch the BS. The good news is that the risks are small, and we do everything we can to mitigate this risk. Our foundation package seriously reduces the risk of penalties. On top of that we keep the login information of ALL of your backlinks. If you ever need them deleted for whatever reason just let us know. Problem solved. Most companies can’t offer that FYI. We control it all.

Q: How do I track everything?
A: Well you will most likely notice the big traffic boosts first. But besides that, we give you a private login into our SEO backend where you can track all of your increases.

Q: What sites does this service work best on?
A: The sky is the limit here. Niche sites, small business websites, local results, Ecommerce, affiliate sites, mini sites, etc, Sites full of spun or thin content typically do not do well however. We prefer to work with REAL businesses, as those are the ones that typically have the best ROI on our work.

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RankBOSS Lite - Standard Option
Ideal for affiliate sites & starter biz's
Multiple keywords accepted
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